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How Local Connex Works
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How Local Connex Works

Understanding Local Search

Whenever you see contact info or ads for local businesses in your area listed in search results online, you're seeing some part of local internet marketing in action.

Local business advertising, through search engines particularly, is so effective because people searching for specific products and services are much closer to buying them. Today, local business internet marketing has really replaced traditional local business advertisements in newspapers and phone books to become the #1 method used by consumers to find businesses in their area. Local businesses owners know to advertise where their customers are looking, but they don't always know where to begin and how to be successful online. As a result, they're often missing out on tons of free and low-cost, high-return marketing opportunities because they just don't have the time to focus on search marketing and the technology of the web.

LocalConnex was started to provide local businesses with the solution, an effective and affordable way to acquire new customers through internet marketing for local business. Our local internet marketing services are specifically designed to make online marketing effortless for business owners. We like to tell our clients, just pick up the phone, we'll take care of the rest.

An experienced search engine marketing analyst monitors each online campaign daily, while our technology provides business owners straightforward web and phone call tracking. Our search team has years of experience managing online campaigns for businesses of all sizes. This level of experience, combined with our technology, sets us apart from other marketing companies.

Local internet marketing has been proven effective in a variety of business categories, so what are you waiting for? Get started with local internet marketing today!